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Just some chicken pics.
By aart, Apr 16, 2016 | Updated: Jul 15, 2016 | | |
  1. aart

    Muff and Wattle






    Mister Rooster

    Someone asked me to make this page to post this pic.
    kind of out of focus, so not the greatest
    2 week old home hatched chick,
    (Wellie cock over blue laying EE, so hopefully pullet and hopefully carries a blue egg gene)
    was not keen to explore the newly opened run....calling it 'chicken' was just met with a 'well, duh'.

    Someone tweaked the photo...maybe this will work better:

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  1. poodlechicks
  2. kikiruru
    adorable ! ! !
  3. chickenlover02
    I normal dont say things are cute but that was SO CUTE.

    The chick is peeking out like "hi there"
  4. aart
    Thanks all! Had no idea this was so popular...I rarely look at the home page myself.
    I owe it all to @1muttsfan who campaigned and cajoled it's submission.

    Was a great photo composition opportunity out of a dozen pics I took that day,
    still disappointed it's out of focus.
  5. room onthebroom
    That is THE CUTEST!!!
  6. chicken4prez
  7. Silkie2
    so Adorable!!!
  8. ChaddiX
    Any headshot of a peep looking diagonally is always a winner!!
  9. N F C
    Great photo aart! Congrats on POW!
  10. austrolover1
    Its adorable! I have one just like it!

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