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aart's Small Water Nipple Bottle Holder

Another Handy Dand.
By aart, Jun 7, 2017 | Updated: Jun 7, 2017 | | |
  1. aart
    This has been a very handy water bottle holder.
    It's very versatile and easy to swap out bottles if needed during freezing temps or any other reason.
    It can be screwed so the nipple faces out or to the side, as you'll see below.

    Goes with this nipple water bottle:

    The holder is made from a 32 oz rubbing alcohol bottle, the thick HDPE is sturdy yet easy to drill and cut with scissors or an exacto knife.
    I cut the angled top of bottle with cap off(used it as a 'funnel' on top of chick feeder to deter perching).
    Then cut a long slot to accommodate the horizontal nipple neck.
    I drilled clearance holes in the side to accommodate my drill bit extension for side mounting.
    Small clearance holes were drilled for the drywall screws I used to mount the holder.

    I used caps off of small parmesan cheese containers as spacers to raise level of nipples as chicks grew instead of relocating holder. A small bungee was used to steady holder when only one screw could be used.

    Pictures tell the rest of the story.





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