Going into fall with only my BR and Americaunas laying, my son ran a science experiment on their laying and light. We did 4 week intervals using summer months as our control. All 5 hen are the same age out of the same incubator. We had 109 eggs for our control. 4 weeks in october no light added. 91 eggs. 4 weeks in Dec with light added 4am to 7am and 3:30pm to 7pm we got 99 eggs. These were some really cold days to. I was afraid that it was going to really effect the counts, but it did not seem to overly much. Hope there is a "A+" somewhere in that project.

1 awesome husband, 2 beautiful children, three beagles, 3 Barred Rock, 2 Americauna, 1 BLRW, 5 olive eggers and 4 Rabbits.

New pictures of my coop to come. The ones I have listed were before my DH got all of the trim on.