first i am going to start my saying i absolutly love this site. its very helpful and i know alot more about chickens now then i did before i knew about this site.
ok now i am going to tell you a little bit about my self.
my name is cole. i live w/ my mom,step dad, and my step dads mom and dad. i love living here but when i moved i had to leave the rest of my family and friends and everything i knew behind. i miss that alot. but i never had chickens where i lived before i moved here so i am thankful i moved because i can spend my life with the best animals in the world.
i live very far out in the country and love living out here because its so quite and even thought i have woods surrounding me everywhere you look ( thick brushy woods) i dont have a predator problem. the only thing i have a problem w/ is hawks but i rarley see them and there was one time a fox attacked my BR hen and my grandpa scared him away before he killed her and then the fox tryed to do it again but my grandpa shot him/her. other than that thats the only real predator problem i have had.

since we live on a farm we do have a few farm animals but the best and my overall favorite is the chickens. we also have some fish , 4 dogs , 2 cats , ducks ( though we havent been able to find a good way to house them in the winter so we give them to a good friend and she keeps them on her farm ) and 2 horses that arent mine there my cousins but she is keeping them here.
once i figure out how to post pictures then i will post some on here but i havent figured out how to yet as of 3,1,09 so i will try to learn so you all can see some of my chickens, and other animals.........