Hi all..just a little info about myself..
My name is April, I am 37 years old and reside in Bella Vista Arkansas. I formerly lived in CT and recently moved here for a change of pace and scenery, and can say I absolutely love it! Would have, should have done it sooner! I currently own 3 pigeons (binky, peppy, and furcoat) and a mix breed chicken "fluffy" aka "the fluffster" who I have owned for quite some time. I also have a pug "punky" and a chow mix "bear bear" that I absolutely adore, along with some cats that wandered in.
I am also a tropical fish enthusiast and currently have 6 tanks up and running with assorted fish and my 9 inch bluegill "dainty" as my favorite. I also have an angel tank and a flowerhorn and a green texas pair.
My chicken fever has erupted and although I have had to hold back on my chicken frenzy while living in CT (zoning prohibited livestock in my town), I am certainly going to make up for it now! I see nothing but beauty in all the chicken breeds and it will be a considerably hard task to choose which ones I would like to own. So far, I have picked two out that will definantly be furnishing my new space with..and thats the silkie breeds and the cochin breeds. I have recently purchased my very first silkie and I am totally ecstatic about it. I will be adding more as time and money allows so watch for updates! Until then, happy chickening and see you on the board!