my names cole. i raise chickens,ducks,guineas,and bobwhite quail,and i plan on getting into peafowl again once i make me some more money. i like to fish and hunt. i plan to expand my flock of birds this november at the chicken show in columbus. thats my favorite place to get birds! i want to have a log cabin as my first house. i want a geo tracker or a 1993 f250 5.8L 4x4 with 44" tires on 14'' rims as my first car. there just like a bigger four wheeler. im a redneck. the biggest bass i have ever caught was a 23 inch 6 and a half lb largemouth. spring 2011 i plan on having hatching eggs available from my bobwhites,my easter eggers,my cochins,my phoenixs "when ever she decides to start laying again," and what ever else i purchase from the chicken show in columbus in november or the exotic sale whenever the next one is. well thats about it.