A few things I've learned about Sumatra's

The main thing I've learned is hatchery's don't know anything about Sumatra's.Most every hatchery claims Sumatra's are poor egg layers, with each hen only laying 2 eggs per week max. Simply not true. My girls each lay 5 to 6 eggs per week, like any other chicken.

Most hatchery's and magazines claim that Sumatra's are not cold hard. My flock disagree's. When it is 20 degree's below zero F they stay put. When it warms up to zero, they are on the move.

Sumatra hens LOVE to go broody. At least good, non hatchery stock such as mine do. Also repeat broody's throughout the year are common.

Sumatra roosters are among the friendliest towards humans that I have ever seen. They are also great roosters to their hens. They don't fight much amunst themselves either.

They fly INCREDIBLY well

more to come!