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About Us [FONT=book antiqua,palatino] (this will be fleshed out)

I'm 29, married to my best friend, have a 3 year old monster named Fiona, a 6 year old Black Lab/Aussie Shepherd Cross named Maggie, a 8 year old kitty named Tiger, and a ghost kitty named Clover that we had to put down in late August 2007 due to a sudden onset of inexplicable encephalitis.

We just bought 9 acres in upstate NY and it seemed a waste not to actually take advantage of having all that land and be a little more self-sufficient, sooo.. We have our first hatch in the incubator. 24 eggs, we're hoping for ~ 10-13 hens and 2 roosters at the end of it all, and the remainder (if we get a good hatch) will either be rehomed or used for dinner. (Okay so we MIGHT cave and keep a few more hens, but.. our goal is ~10-20 birds)..

Check out our first hatch page for notes on what is happening with the little ones, and hopefully pics soon.