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By Hobbley_Farm · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Hobbley_Farm
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]My husband (Mark) and I decided that we wanted to buy a little bit of property and start raising farm animals. We started with chickens, then added goats. Not long after that we added Rabbits, Turkeys, and Ducks. We have three dogs- Soldier who is BlackMouth Cur/Boxer. Amber who is an alien dog. Bones who is NOT show quality Rottie. We also have several cats- Sprout who is Siamese. Maggie who is a barn cat, along with Freaky, Thunder, Striker (who is MIA) and Fright (also MIA).
    We have met some of the neatest people through our Rural Farming adventure! We have enjoyed every bit of it and hope to learn and grow better at our lil farm as the years go by.

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