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By underhillrk · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. underhillrk
    One of our 5 children on his college spring break decided that he was bored and needed something to do. The next thing I know we have 15 baby chicks in our garage!! Truthfully, I wasn't to excited about it. Never having chickens before I had no idea what to expect.
    Well now...the truth is....what a great time it has been. Everyone pitched in and built a coop, all take turns feeding them and we all like to watch them run around the yard. They even try to see if they still have a little speed, by trying to run after them and catch one every now and then :)

    We got our very first egg today and the entire family was excited. Funny, our 23 year old son called his sister on her cell to fill her in on the first egg!

    So glad for the boredom of a college student!!

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