[FONT=book antiqua,palatino] Kentswold Chicks[/FONT]
Record of First Hatching [FONT=book antiqua,palatino] Hi! My name is Pei, I'm a 29 year old Mom, with a full time job who is finishing up her MA in anthropology. My academic background is in early medieval Irish archaeology, though my degree is focusing on Museum Studies and questions of representations of indigenous populations.

I'm a big ol' geek.

Greg is my dh and he is a professional computer geek, and an avocational EMT. He's also the one who does all the construction associated with our family.

We have a beautiful 3 year old little girl, who is sweet and brilliant and perfect in absolutely every way. She is also a royal pain in the ass. I wouldn't give her up for a million bajillion dollars. ;)

We live on almost 9 acres in upstate NY, and started our first batch of chickens in early September of 2007. We're planning on generally keeping them indoors until we have a solid coop constructed for them. We're hoping it will be ready by November, so they can go outside before winter really hits, but worst case scenario, they will live in the basement until early spring. :) This is a series of pages that are very much in progress (note the complete lack of any pictures yet *grin*), but it's a start. :)