I have always loved animals and farming. I grew up pretty much a city gal. I now live in the country with my husband and daughter. They have 4-H in the schools here. Where I went to school 4-H was not all that big a thing. I now have a herd of hair sheep. What is a hair sheep you may ask. It is a type of sheep that is raised for its meat. You do not have to shear them. I have both miniature donkeys and one regular sized one. The two Great Pyrenees guard dogs which we had to get because a beagle and black lab teamed up on the herd of sheep and killed several of them and chomped off their tails. We also have two holland lop ear rabbits. I have two outdoor house dogs. Black who is a chow and Sadie who is a blue heeler/pit bull. Last but not least we have Shadow who is a miniature toy poodle. I look back and ask myself how did I get here?
Well I'll start with the 25 baby black sexlets that we now have in the house in brooders. You know how I said that my daughter is in 4-H. Well our 4-H program has a chicken program. Each student that is in 4-H may have her parent fill out a form that places her in a drawing. Now me being a good parent, I told my daughter that she could sign up. Of course me thinking that only one child out of each school is randomly selected, I figured that she would not have that great of a chance being selected. Boy did I get a surprise in the mail when the letter came.
I now have 25 chickens in the house! Two weeks and counting down to when they can have the chicken coop.

Now about a year ago, my husband and I incubated 50 bob white quail eggs. That was a learning experience in and of itself. Needless to say after it was all said and done, I believe we ended up releasing 15 live birds on the farm. Unfortunately, predators got to them.

My husband likes animals. I was raised that dogs were part of the family. So I always had my dogs as indoor/outdoor pets. My husband was raised with the belief that dogs were to be strictly outside animals. My husband is an over the road truck driver. I only see him on the weekends. So I would sneak Sadie in the house during the winter when he wasn't home. She is fully house broken and trained. I think I softened my husband up because last year we got another dog. This dog was suppose to be his dog. The whole family went to the poodle palace. We looked at all the pups, and I picked out a quiet non-hyper dog. I don't like yipper dogs. Well of course the whole family fell in love with him. He is a black miniature toy poodle. My husband had to leave out again, and guess who gets to take care of the dog. Yep that's right, me. I don't mind, he is cute and quiet. My husband has given me a hard time over it, but I was the one that ended up naming him. My husband thought that he should have a big name to compensate for his small stature. I named him Shadow. Yes it might be over used, but the darn thing follows me everywhere I go. Our home has dark green carpeting and we have dark green couches, that he just blends in with them. Shadow is a character. He will lay down on the couch and if someone gets up off the couch, he will get up and go sit in that spot. For exercise he runs around the coffee table as if it is his personal training track.