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Acmeacress Member Page

By acmeacres, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. acmeacres
    Welcome to our hole in the wall on Backyard Chickens!
    We have a steady flock hens with Dark Brahmas, Blue Wyandottes, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Easter Eggers, Australorps, Black Jersey Giants, Cochins, Welsummers and a lonley Maran hen. With any luck we'll actually start hatching some of our own eggs in Easter Eggers and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes for both egg and meat birds. We also have a growing covey of Coturnix quail in Tibetan, Brown, Jumbo Brown, Cinnamon, Jumbo Cinnamon, Golden, Jumbo Golden and AM White/English White plus Tuxedos in most colors. We're constantly looking for new bloodline of Giant sized birds in most colors and happy to trade eggs for outcrossing.
    In addition to our bird flocks, we raise APHA Paint Horses and stand a 16.1 Dun Overo Stallion (www.azpainthorses.com) and have a small but growing Pet Food business called Pawsitive Foods. Through this business, we offer all types of poultry/gamebird supplies from feed to incubators, waterers, feeders. etc. and proud to support FFA and 4H kids locally.

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