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By wife2abirdman · Feb 28, 2013 · Updated Jun 22, 2013 ·
  1. wife2abirdman
    Swaps owed to me-

    Feb 17-23
    crfarm- 6 isabella Marans eggs-black chicks breed together late spring********

    Feb 24-Mar 2
    Profti - 4 RB!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah late spring!!!! 5 orders ahead

    Mar 3-9
    crfarm- 6 speckled sussex eggs summer
    crfarm- 4 speckled sussex eggs summer

    Mar 17-23

    3/19 post#7164 gablebabble- 6 Lavender Laced Orpington

    Breeds I have:

    Bantam MF/Calico Cochins-I don't plan on improving them but will try to keep good type
    Bantam BBS Cochins
    LF BBS Cochins
    LF Gold Laced Cochins
    LF White Cochins
    BBS laced red Wyandottes-from a breeder but I don't plan on improving them
    BBS, Cuckoo, and Wheaten Marans
    Barred Rocks-production quality
    Ameraucanas/Easter Eggers(non standard color Ameraucanas really)-All my standard color Ams are really nice but I have a few for bright blue eggs and those will not be correct coloring and may even have some slight issues-leg feathering, lack of a beard, black flecks throughout almost like a splash wheaten-I don't know their background so I guess they will be EEs for me.

    Breeds I am interested in :

    Cochins-LF and Bantam
    Marans- feather legged
    -it's the beards and the bright blue eggs that get me
    anything barred
    anything uniquely colored
    anything feather footed

    Other things I am interested in swapping-

    I want-

    anything chicken
    anything horse

    I have-

    I sew a lot- mostly bags but some quilts, pillows and sheet sets and sometimes clothing for my girls. I just got a new serger and love it but broke a knife so it was off for awhile. I hope to start sewing again soon.





    Iris- I know the names of all that I have but not entirely sure which goes with which and had to rush plant 50 last fall so not sure what made it- only 16 made it so not sure of which ones may or may not have made it. I do have others that I do have to split this year. They are in a smaller garden which is why I have to split plus I planted them too close.
    sugar blues & night ruler charlotte rose-this is a short one-smells citrusy
    this one is more of a light blue with white falls-victoria falls love this one! so very tall got almost 4' in my garden

    Hosta(I'm a hosta addict too! have over 100 varieties)I know every one by name so no mix ups! I lost most of my minis(close to 30 cultivars[​IMG]) last year so none of those. No splitting this year all my Hostas took a hard hit and I may have lost some of my oldest Hostas. I know of one huge plant I can split but that is a no name(was told it could be Christmas Tree) as I got it from my dad's house but it closely resembles Old Glory my favorite!

    Heuchera- Sashay, Dolce Licorice, Berry Smoothie, Georgia Peach and Purple Petticoats?? Not sure they took a hit and may have lost a lot . I'll have to get some pics this year of all my heucheras I only take pics of my hostas but if you look some of my heucheras are in there as well-
    Sparkiling Burgundy(I think, I get this and Georgia Peach mixed up)not a very good pic of midnight rose should be bigger this year I only have one to part with right now not a fast grower so doesn't give many babies.

    New England Asters-pink, purple and red these get HUGE and are the EASIEST to !!

    Sedum-very tall 3'- deep wine/pink flowers green stems not sure of the name and purple emporer(sp?) 15" tall
    Bee Balm- Red, burgundy/wine, purple/Pink(not sure if this survived this year dug up and was not planted again we will see[​IMG]) none this year lost all of it

    Rudebeika(sp?) Goldstrum

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