My Current Flock
My first flock began in April 2011. It consisted of Try-N-Fly, Beakman, Optimus Prime, Thor, Pepper, Pokey Hontas, Fryer Tuck, Jasper, Esme, Little Ann, Checkers and Baby. (Baby actually died the first night and never had a "real" name.)

After finding new homes for the extra roosters, adopting some and buying more from Murray McMurray, my flock now consists of...

Beakman, Optimus, Remington, Freckles, Esme, Fryer Tuck, Checkers, Little Ann, Jasper, Bullwinkle, Merriweather, Marietta, Axle, Anvil, Lily, Lucy, Blueberry, Brutus, Lemon Drop, Butterscotch, TexAnn, Reagan, and Violet.

I post more pictures of my flock on facebook than I do here, because I don't know that many people on BYC yet. Some of my friends and family that I don't get to see very often tell me that they follow my chicken stories on facebook, and that always makes my day.

I would say that my chickens are mostly for egg-production, but they are pets too. I know the crows of each male. I know which eggs came from which hen by size, shape and color. I know which bird will be last to go in at night and which will be last to leave during the day. So, yes, I'm glad they provide eggs for my family and even some neighbors. But I'm also thankful for each of them as pets too.