Adventures in City Chooks
a diary of sorts
We live in Minneapolis and are allowed 5 hens, no roosters. We have 3 young daughters so we chose Buff Orps for their calm dispositions and winter hardiness. After several delays, the chicks arrived on May 21, 2008.

Coop construction began in June, 2008 and took 4 months to complete. Four L.O.N.G. months.

bench1.gif IMG_3013.gif
5/21/08: Our little chicks arrived from My Pet Chicken. Our wonderful mailman brought them right to the door and then stayed to watch us open the box. He was touched at the astonishment from my 4 year old when she realized that inside
this box are REAL LIVE ANIMALS! Truth here - I was pretty astonished myself - what a treat to get in the mail!

IMG_2753.gif IMG_2752.gif
IMG_2776.gif IMG_2760.gif

5/31/08: Chickies are living in the bottom half of a large dog crate under my desk. I am trusting that this housing situation will suffice until the coop is completed. Today is their first day outside. They are 2 weeks old. I got my camera and called to the girls, "Okay everyone, grab a chicken!" and my husband just shook his head and sighed, "You don't hear that everyday, do you?"
IMG_2798.gif IMG_2796.gif

6/14/08: The decision to get Buff Orpingtons has been a good one - these are wonderful birds. My kids adore them and they are very patient! They are 4 weeks old.


6/28/08: I have turned off the brooder heat light - who knew that chicks were afraid of the dark? They are 6 weeks old and getting cramped in their dog crate under my desk...

7/20/08:The girls are getting big now and we have been letting them outside to play in the backyard. Last week, with temps in the 90s, they were all on my back step peering into the house, requesting to come back inside to the air conditioning. I think I have some Princess Poultry on my hands. They are 9 weeks old. Below is a shot of my 7 year old teaching Violet to swing. Oddly enough, she is quite calm and seems to like it.


8/17/08: After two months of construction, the coop is ready for the girls to move in. They are 13 weeks old.


11/17/08: After 26 long long weeks of waiting, I got my first egg tonight. It was right there in the nest box, where it belonged. Small, dark brown, beautiful, perfect. I almost cried when I picked it up. And I'm not ashamed to admit that.