Adventures In Poultry

By bantamboy93 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. bantamboy93
    Well, my name is Aaron. I live in Pearl River County, Mississippi. I raise chickens, mostly. But I'm dabbling in quail at the moment. Also I've tried Ducks, Guineas, and Doves. Not sure how to put pictures on here. Lol. Currently, I have a bunch of bantams. Mottled and Blue Red Old English Game. As well as a Bantam Buff Cochin Hen. And a D'Uccle Rooster (he's for sale folks!) that is beautiful! He's white with splashes of yellow.

    Also, I enjoy planting a garden. Love growing tomatoes. Although they are a bunch of work. Anything else, just send me a message and ask me.

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