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About why I started keeping chickens and my own flock
By AfroChickens · Jun 30, 2017 · ·
  1. AfroChickens
    When I was a kid, I always wanted a farm. Well, life got in the way so I started focusing on the main career related goals. It wasn't until my dad's tragic passing, that happen this past Christmas Eve. that I finally decided that I needed some outdoor therapy.

    I feel like anything can be cured with nature, music, and healthy physical activity (almost anything) so when I had to move out of our (my dad and I) home, I begged my loving boyfriend to get some chickens.

    He said yes and the journey began.
    The above is when the coop/run was first finished. The below is our recent beautification project.

    20170629_1110001.jpg 20170629_1110111.jpg

    This is when we had all four of our girls. Right after we first received them. Four Buffs named with video games in mind: Chozo, Kazooie, Falco, and Chocobo. Kazooie is no longer with us. She got sick some months in and passed away. That was tough. She was my favorite out of the bunch.


    Grieving SUCKS. There is no way around it but my chickens have provided lots of laughs along the way.


    The Golden Girls looking very not amused here. They are still throwing small fits over the new additions to replace Kazooie. They want to leave with me every time I visit. They are slightly scared of the new additions but are also trying to be "tough" and pick on them. Too bad the new ones are smaller Easter Eggers that are waaaayyy faster than my big Buffs.


    Rito (lighter one) and Black Canary (darker one) have been introduced to the flock for about a week. They have been able to hold their own very well. Throughout the transition, they have been great egg producers. Black Canary is very loud (hence the name). Sometimes, I can't tell if one of the Buffs really got her or she's just yelling because that's her thing. Most of the time, It's just her! I love hearing them coo. I think we bonded because they see me fuss at Chozo and Chocobo to leave them be.

    The best part has to be the fresh eggs. I love eggs. I love cooking and baking. Chickens are truly the pet that keeps giving! I wished mine laid earlier but they lay late into the afternoon. I appreciate the mostly clean eggs they give me, the 5 eggs I typically receive everyday with the new additions, and the lovely exaggerated egg song that chocoboo likes to sing for about 20 between eating and drinking. I'm always worried that she will choke but it's hilarious to watch.

    Snapchat-1173989408.jpg 20170629_1052291.jpg
    That's the always cranky, Falco. It amazes me how they always lay in order each day. Chozo is next to last. She always goes and "checks" to see if the others are done yet. I never understand why because she always goes almost dead last. Maybe it's to put pressure on them to hurry up? Who knows. She's not pictured but she was doing just that while this picture was taken.

    The eggs are always so pretty but when it rains, there's always that one that says, "let me lay this egg in the dirt". It doesn't happen often. I also think it's Chozo who does this but it is always funny on the rare occasion that it does happen. Can you spot the dirt egg?
    20170622_140612 (205).jpg

    When I started the chicken journey, I was 2-3 months into my grieving process. My dad was/is my best friend. I had to move out the home I loved. Had to drop out of school and deal with a whole bunch of legal stuff. I felt like I had no home without him there and I felt weird about moving into my first home as a real "adult" without him being there. It was hard. Still is but getting the chickens really made me feel like I had a home again. It created a home for me.

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  1. Eighty806
    Thank you for sharing. I started my first 6 chicks in the mid March and a week later got another 6. All 12 are doing very well, except one of the curly frizzle, bantam, according to the sign at at store when I bought him/her, is so small. He/she is smaller than a quail, it's 4 months old. I think I have 8 hens and 4 rooster.
    Anyway, we found our first set of eggs today. They may have been laying for a couple of days and I just found the eggs today in the nesting box.
    I found the flock totally entertaining. They have different personalities and so adorable. 2 of the rooster are lap chickens, very friendly.
    I hope you continue to heal, it's a tough process that I experienced myself. I'm glad your flock is able to provide some comfort.
  2. LCinVa11
    So sorry for your loss. :hugsYour coop is wonderful & your Chickens are beautiful!:love
  3. Whittni
    Great job!

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