Age of sexual maturity of roosters

By JollyMonster · Aug 1, 2018 · ·
  1. JollyMonster
    I have a batch of leghorns that I hatched this spring. I ended up selling my hens to locals and got rid of most of my rooster chicks. I kept two to replace the older roosters in my flock. They are 14 weeks now. I put them together with my flock about a week ago. From what I noticed one of the roosters is very active with the hens. I know leghorn hens can lay as early as 16 weeks. Being the hens mature faster than some breeds is the same true for the roosters? What's the chances my eggs are fertile?

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  1. FeatherPugs
    I had a cuckoo marens who was randy at 8 weeks old and I've had a NN roo who could have cared less until he was almost 18 weeks old. So its hard to tell sometimes but I think you are on the right track with the leghorns.
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