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By ahana1488 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    P90x Workout is Effective: The Expendables prove it
    Why do we need P90x? Have you seen the movie The Expendables? I am asking this question especially to boys because all the superstars who were in the movie had just great physique. Sylvester Stallone, should I say about him? I think the scene which he performed while running after the plane was just awesome at the age of 60. Why are they fit? Why can they and perform these kinds of stunts even at this age because they used P90x? Nah… they might have used P90x or not I don’t know. But I can definitely say that they followed a daily routine of workout. So why don’t all of us follow him? Is daily workout harmful? I think it is not. Start working out and see the change in your fitness level in couple of months I don’t know might be less than couple of months also but couple of months was in my occasion. Do correct me if I am wrong.
    There are lots of daily routine workout programs follow whatever you like. I used P90x and today I am very happy that I had chosen the correct one. That is why I am suggesting P90x. It has been perfect for me. When I workout I always wonder that If I were a boy, because the physique that a boy has is awesome. All my friends who are following this routine are with great physique, no one dares to poke me. (wink) You know what every T shirt and every kind of dress just suits you when you have a good body. Hey hey I am winding it up now coz I am making you all feel bore I know. Just one last message is that : Workout daily whether it be P90x or any other but workout daily. It’s for your fitness baby not for me.

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