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By ahappybrood · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. ahappybrood
    [​IMG] These are the girls ( I hope, still unsure of sex) 6 Barred Rocks, and I think 5 Rhode Island Reds. They are just 7 weeks old.
    [​IMG]This is my husband working hard on the coop and the run...he's doing a great job I think.
    [​IMG]This is the back hatch where we will retrieve the eggs...I cant wait.
    [​IMG]These are the nesting boxes and at the bottom of the photo you can see where we put the roost.
    [​IMG]self explanatory right? Just needs paint...and well my husband wants to put in a cuppola for ventilation and cut some windows (plexiglass) on the front.
    [​IMG]this is the view from inside the run....I made my own waterer with an upside down Gatorade Bottle and a Folgers coffee can ( plastic) Since these pictures we have purchased a "real" waterer. we have also installed a slider door with a ramp on the right side of this back wall as well as an out door roost.
    I will follow with more updated photos and some individual pics of the birds...they really get so big so fast.

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