These are the girls ( I hope, still unsure of sex) 6 Barred Rocks, and I think 5 Rhode Island Reds. They are just 7 weeks old.
This is my husband working hard on the coop and the run...he's doing a great job I think.
This is the back hatch where we will retrieve the eggs...I cant wait.
These are the nesting boxes and at the bottom of the photo you can see where we put the roost.
self explanatory right? Just needs paint...and well my husband wants to put in a cuppola for ventilation and cut some windows (plexiglass) on the front.
this is the view from inside the run....I made my own waterer with an upside down Gatorade Bottle and a Folgers coffee can ( plastic) Since these pictures we have purchased a "real" waterer. we have also installed a slider door with a ramp on the right side of this back wall as well as an out door roost.
I will follow with more updated photos and some individual pics of the birds...they really get so big so fast.