Welcome and thanks for visiting my page!
My family lives in Alaska on 10 very rural acres in a 16'x20' cabin. We currently have one elderly deaf dog and two sweet "barn" cats who spend more time inside than they do in their outdoor kitty-condo (an old truck camper which in no way resembles a barn LOL). Our pets don't exactly rough it!
No chickens yet, but I've got the addiction nevertheless! First things first though, we need to refurbish the existing coop on the property. I plan to get chicks next spring if we can prepare the coop/run for them in time. Any advice is much appreciated!
The main thing I need to focus on with the coop/run is that it gets VERY cold here in the winter... -40F for several weeks last winter. The coop and adjoining barn are wired but there is currently no electricity to it. The good news is that the coop seems to be completely insulated (walls AND roof) already so I just need to make sure there are no drafts and plenty of ventilation. A nice feature is that there is an outdoor run and an indoor run inside part of the barn so they can get fresh air without going outside in the winter if they want.
Predators around here (that I have actually seen) include eagles, hawks, large owls, lynx, bears, and I'm sure there are others not to mention that there are several neighbor dogs that roam through occasionally.