At this date we've been working on the coop for about 3 weekends. I didn't get pictures of it just going up, but I did get the shell before insulation and roofing shingles. I tried to keep all my reciepts and one day I should add them all up. I think I haven't because I'm in denial about the cost! One more weekend should finish the coop, and just in time too, a friend will be giving me a couple barred rock hens and a roo!
First pic I hope gives a good idea of the size. It's 4'x8', and 6' high inside, not including the 'attic'. I decided on 4'x8' for ease, and less cutting of the plywood panels. In hindsight, it didn't matter much because the couple inches here and there it was off meant we had to cut anyway, and now I actually think the coop could have been bigger!

In this second pic you can see the ceiling height and venting.
The eaves for ventilation are pictured here.
The slope of the roof, I was concerned about snow.



Pop chute

And this was our progress after the first weekend!