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    We have a lovely hobby farm in Alaska (on a clear day I can see Denali (Mt McKinley) from my kitchen window). We raise goats, rabbits, cavies (guinea pigs), and poultry. My daughter and I exhibit our animals at not only the local fairs but also at sanctioned shows. We do also use the animals (well, not the guinea pigs) for their agricultural products. My daughter had learned that when I tell her not to name a baby animal, she's not to get too attached to it because chances are it's going to find it's way to the table before too long.
    I love baby animals. They are all so cute. I really love hatching out poultry in my incubator. My daughter decided to do a science fair project on candling eggs after she got to see the chicks moving around inside the eggs. We both have a really hard time leaving that incubator alone when the eggs are rocking and pipping and the chicks are cheeping. Only 2 1/2 weeks to go to the next hatch...

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