I am a chicken lover! I have 10 laying hens: Dottie the gold laced wyandotte, Bok the Light Brahma ( shes a big mama! lol), Mille the Mille Fluer, Ethel the americana, Gertrude the americana, Rosy the RIR, Lucy the RIR, Yellow Butt the black astraloupe, Spike the barred rock, and Hammy the New Hampshire Red. I have one adult Roo- Silver the silver Sebright. I recently got a pair of BB Reds, one is a Roo - they're teenagers, and I also got four chicks - 2 Barred rocks ( i think one is a roo) and 2 americanas.

Newest Addition: Silver Seabright/Millie Fluer cross.

so i believe the total flock is 17! wow. yup I love chickens.

this is my little BBred Roo

Gertrude & Bok

this is yellow butt

This is silver

Bok - the big moma Light Brahma

chicken butts


Portrait of Silver



Enjoying some pumpkin