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By alaskachick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. alaskachick
    Your'e kidding me? Blogger? me? I have never in my life attempted this and in a matter of fact I have often thought that Bloggers are in love with themselves or why else would they think the world would care what they have to say? Well, I am gonna try it since it is all here for me to just start striking keys.
    So now that I am a blogger I have to ask myself, "Do I have to be witty and cute in order to keep people interested and tuned it to my Blog?". I am a rather boring soul who strives at having fun in order to share my stories with people so they won't find out that I am so boring. Yikes! I've said too much, lets talk about the chickens.
    First I have to begin with my reason for getting chickens, it wasn't cuz of the eggs. I have always wanted to do something by myself. I thought who in their right mind, (in my family), would want to get involved with chickens, cuz you know they poop all the time, they crap all the time, and they sh#t all the time too. But low and behold, my mom was so excited. She wanted to do the chicken thing too, but we had to get it approved by my dad who is the boss of our acre. He said, "are you crazy? You two won't take care of any chickens, you can't even get up to feed your dog breakfast!". It was an absolute no!, but for a month or two my mom and I kept planning it and even designed the coop. Well, one day my Dad comes down stairs with his own blue print for a coop and yard. We struck goldl! Not only was agreeing to the chickens, but he was going to build the entire project himself and that he did. We now have a 10 by 10 coop, with windows that open, beautiful rows of laying boxes and roosting ladder and bars. Then there is the chicken yard which is 30 ft by 30 feet all enclosed with 7 ft high fencing. Oh!, and hawks can't fly in or dive bomb for a chicken cuz the entire yard is weaved with rope above the fence. So we basically have the Hilton of chicken coops and only 10 chickens and 1 rooster. Those chickens are living high... Trump high. I'll be back......

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