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Hi All!! I just wanted to add in some Coop photos. Our Chicken house is close to being completed. The actual chicken area is 10x16, it also has a feed room/egg access doors in a 4x10 area, and a 4x10 front porch.

We started building the coop in the shop.

Two coats of paint. We used yellow because we had accidentally bought the wrong color last fall and didn't end up using it in the house. So it was just sitting around,

The deck is flooring we had laying around.

Lola approves of the deck.

This screen door we found at a garage sale. We ended up trading some stuff so it didn't cost us anything. It's homemade just not by us.

Walls going up. A lot of the lumber we used is rough cut, some of the 2x4s we bought from Lowe's just to help make it more square

The siding is also rough cut. All of the siding was made right here on our property with the Cottonwood trees we are clearing.

Windows are in. We picked up the windows for free off of Craigslist. Someone was replacing theirs and was giving these away.

2x4s from Lowe's were also used for the roof.

Here's how you get the coop out of the garage. It's heavy!!

I didn't have time to stop and get photos of us loading it on the trailer but we had 4" PVC pipes underneath and winched it up very slowly.

Backing it up to the spot. Yes it almost slipped off on the uneven ground.

Next the boys brought the four wheelers with winches and pulled very carefully off the trailer.

Thank the Lord this hill was right where we needed it to be for unloading!!

We had to build the front door. Again with a free window and a sheet of very thing wood.

This is a sheet of marine treated plywood that is just screwed shut for the back door. When we are ready to clean out the coop we will unscrew it and back right up to the back door.

Some photos of the feed room. We did purchase the hinges and handles for the egg doors and screen door.

Porch railing and stairs, Railing is also rough cut lumber from our sawmill and trees we have cut down.

The roofing is rolled roofing that we picked up for $20 a roll off of Craigslist.

Even the moose approve

Old scale we picked up for free on Craigslist.

This light is inside the feed room.

Protected light bulbs inside the coop. We have two like this.

Chicken yard we picked up at the garage sale where we got the screen door.

These two trees looked perfect for building a covered roost.

We still need to add roosts inside and more outside. We are thinking about using sawhorse type roosts so that they can be easily removed for cleaning. We are planning on insulating in the summer since the chicks aren't ready to go out yet anyway, but not planning on heating the coop. We have 21 Red Stars, 7 Whiting True Blues, 16 White Leghorns, and 2 Blue Cochins.

Please feel free to point out any problems you may see or ask any questions. Thanks!!!

Update: not a very good picture but here's how we sectioned out a bit of the coop to put the chickens in when we moved them outside (at 5 weeks old). I was afraid they would get lost if they had access to the whole coop.

So far they don't want to go outside at all. I open the hatch every day but only a few of the red stars have braved the outside.

Update: Here they are all in with roost and kindergarten pen still in place. The white leghorns are a few weeks behind the others so they are in there separate pen for now.