In 2007 I upgraded my coop from a 4x8 shack (which is now my brooder house) to a 10x12 barn style shed I found VERY cheap. So cheap it was nearly a steal. Hubby loaded it onto a flat bed trailer and hauled it home very slowly, 35 miles. We were constantly afraid it might fall apart but we made it home.
This is what I started with. Not bad I admit, but very weak.
First, I reinforced the floor then put in some stairs to get in. Being on a slope, we had to lift the front quite a bit to get level using railroad ties.
I then partitioned off the front 4' for supplies on the left and a work table on the right with room for feed buckets underneath.
I then constructed a row of nest boxes and attached the unit to the wall on the right side and the roosts on the left.
A fresh paint job.
A freecycled window and cleaned up roof.
I still have a lot of little things to do but the majority of girls have moved in and it's slow going now.
07-08 changes. One of the things I have changed over the winter is to put the roosts on hinges and hang on chains from the ceiling allowing me to hoist up and out of the way for a monthly cleaning. I also hinged all the ramps too.
I also ended up enclosing under the shelf on the left for a brooding area or a broody hen. Added some plywood to the bottoms of the interior wall to keep the shavings in 'their' area and not in mine.
Fall 2008 I added a 4'x8' lean-to over the birds exit door and put in two sun roosts.