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Alexandra-The Coolest Chicken Ever!

By Alexandra33 · Aug 26, 2015 ·
  1. Alexandra33
    So, where to begin about Alex. Her antics first started as a tiny chick, when she would fly up on the edge of the brooder to snoop on me anytime I came around. Right away, I knew that she was going to be special, and that we would share a special bond.
    Name: Alex
    Breed: Golden Campine
    Age: Currently she is 22 weeks
    Place of hatch: Meyer Hatchery

    At around 10 weeks, Alex trained herself to fly up onto my arm on command; this turned out later to be both an endearing and complicating (at times) trait. The only problem with her cute behavior is that I cannot seem to enjoy eating something outside in peace! [​IMG] For example, one day I walked toward the enclosure with an apple, and right away Alex spotted it, slipped right through the fence, flew up onto my arm, then proceeded to rip into the fruit without any further delay.
    She is not only mischievous, ornery, and intelligent, but an extremely talented flier who can easily glide over all obstacles in the yard.
    Alex's favorite pastime when she was younger was to fly onto my shoulder and ride around while I performed duties in the coop. Such an awesome girl!
    Here she is on my arm yesterday-it's pretty hard to get a good picture with a non-dominant hand!

    I love my Alex more every day as she continues to grow, and now is almost ready to lay. Never have I been so proud to have her as my namesake on BYC; she is such a fun girl who never fails to make me laugh all the time with her silly tricks. You've gotta love Campines!

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