What are battery hens?
Batteries hens are hens kept in crowded tiny cages their whole life ment for egg production only. The cages are kept in large buildings in rows and rows. The battery hens lives are filled with misery.
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Only hens? What happened to the roosters?
They are sorted and vent sexed on conveyor belts as chicks and the males are either suffocated to death in large bins or grinded to death.
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How long do battery hens live?
At 18-24 months old the battery hens are tossed into bins and either suffocated to death in large bins, gassed to death, buired alive, or slaughtered then put in pet food.
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What is a spent hen?
a spent hen is a battery hen that stops laying early, at around 15-17 months.
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What are the battery hens fed?
Battery hens are fed layers mash in long trays outside of their cages. Rats run through the food tray.
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What is a pullet house?
The pullet house is where the chicks are kept until they reach 16 weeks old, then they are moved into smaller cages in the layers house.
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What happens if a battery hen dies of disease in the battery cage?
If a battery hen dies of disease, her cagemates will likely stand on her to get of the wire until a worker comes to collect her.
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What do they do with the battery hens poop?
Below the cages there are big manure piles.
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How are the battery hens eggs collected?
The battery hens eggs slide out of the cage and are collected by workers
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How are the chicks hatched?

The chicks are hatched in big rooms with huge incubators then are sorted on a conveyor belt.
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What do battery farms do to minimize pecking?
To minimize pecking, the workers either cut off or burn off the tip of the chicks beaks which likely causes long term pain.
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Are people doing anything to stop others from keeping battery hens?
Sadly, battery hens are excluded from the animal welfare act, but people like myself are writing articles such as this one to raise awareness of the cruelty of keeping battery hens.

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