All about Broody hens!

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    IMG_2933.JPG Hey guys its CGL101 and today i am going to talk all about broody hens! You may Know that right now i have two broody girls who have chicks and i will kinda talk about my experience with them! OK so Buffy my Buff Orphigton has 7 babies she used to have eight but since one baby got lost she only has 7 now. We got Buffy her eggs a few months ago it takes a average chick 21 days to hatch but they may hatch earlier or later it really deepens on the breed. Anyway Buffy's eggs hatched 20 days after she sat on them. They are all mixed breeds and only the silver pencil lace's are purebred. Her chicks are now almost 5 weeks old its crazy how fast they grow! All of my chickens are Pasture raised they only sleep in their coop at night we also feed them their and give them water. My other broody hen Roxie who is a bard rock has 4 little chicks only a few days old! they are soo cute! they are all purebred Black copper Maran's and they look a lot like their mother. Ok so caring for broody hens and chicks is super easy much easier then buying chicks and raising them yourself! All you need to do is have hope the eggs will hatch and the babies will stay close to mom. And of course you need to give them chick starter / grower i love Purina as a brand for chickens and rabbits My chicks have non medicated Purina feed from Tractor supply my Big hens get Purina organic non gmo feed. You also need to have clean fresh water available at all times for your chicks and chickens. When waiting for the eggs to hatch you should candle them and check if they are growing. Thank you for reading hope this helped someone out their! CGL101 IMG_3142.JPG

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