Hi everyone. Alrighty, lets see... Well the chick with the deformed foot passed away 3 days after we got the chicks. :( And the fox ate my favorite roo and my mom's favorite hen. :( Plus, all this was on 1 day: my b-day. But, we now have some names for the babies. While I'm at it I'll just tell you all of my chicken's names. Adults: NHs- (girls) Short Comb, 2 Sister Babes. (I know what you're thinking: what weird names for chickens) RIRs- (Girls) Golden, Applesauce (Boy) Big Red. BR- (boy) Zorro. Ameraucana- Pumpkin. Bantams- Squirty, Mocha. 2-3 1/2 month olds: L. Brahma- (girl) Cookie. Ameraucanas- (girls) Peanut, Stripey. Unknown- (boy) Smokey. Wyndotte- (boy) Cinnamon. Bantam- (girl) Bumblebee (Bumbly for short). 2 1/2 week olds: Blue Cochins- Maya, Sophie, Lily, Flower. Frizzied Cochins- Frisky, Sweety. Red Cochins- Rosey, Violet. Buff Cochins- Mr. Peepers, Daizy, Suzie, Popcorn, Lucy, Peggy. Oddball/unknown- Matilda. I know that I said that there was supposed to be 5 blues, 5 buffs, and 5 frizzies, but apparently the guy not only gave us an extra (Matilda) that wasn't a bantam but he also gave us the wrong number of frizzies and buffs. Unless the frizziness just didn't come out in two of them and only the color shows? I don't know. Oh well. I gotta go now. Oh and before I forget, I'm going to tell you 1 more thing: I"M ON SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!!!! BUT, it is sooooooooo boring. My parents and I have started joking with each other saying that we moved to Seatle because Southern NH has had A LOT of rain. In fact, it's raining right now! Ok, gotta go! Bye.