YO! Whats up? Ok time to fill you in. Since the last time we spoke, or I spoke, a lot of things have been goin on. The chicken that I was talking about in my last page has passed away :(. Also, I had yet ANOTHER sick chicken, but technically she was internally laying and she had to get put down :(. AND I had an unwelcome visitor (fox) eat my white bantam roo! Here is the GOOD news: I have just gotton five of the cutest chicks (1 light brahma, 1 or 2 Ameraucanas, 1 Whyndotte, and one unknown) The one that I dont know what it is is gray, has five toes on each foot, ear muffs, white around her eyes like make-up, and it looks like she will probably have a "hat." Does anyone know what she could be? If you do, please PM me! Another good thing is that I'm getting 15 more chicks any day now!!!! I'm getting 5 red frizzle cochins, 5 blue cochins, and 5 buff cochins. I'm goin all out with the cochins this summer! The 15 of them plus my 18 that I already have will total up to 33 chickens! Isn't that AWESOME?!?! I will TRY to put up another page a day or two after they come in. Notice that I emphisized TRY. ANOTHER awesome thing is that I'm gettin out of school on the 22nd of JUNE!!! So summer vaca is almost here! Only 9 more school days!!! YEA! PARTY IN THE HOUSE!!!!! Oh, I can imagine it now: Hot days in the pool, starry nights (some of them filled with fun from a BBQ!), pulling all nighters with my friends (meaning staying up ALL night long ot a sleep over) and HANGIN WITH MY PEEPS! (That includes my chickens and you guys!) Sounds like a fun summer to me. Oh, and one more thing: If I'm not pulling all nighters with my friends, I won't have to get up at 6:00 am!!! I cant wait!
Your chicken bud,