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By technochick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. technochick
    [​IMG] hey all! hopefully you can see my little pic there but if u cant plz PM and tell me!
    my username is technochick so u can PM me and tell me!
    i will definately try to fix that! btw that is my background for my computer L0lz.............
    ummm i am 12 turning 13 in APRIL! (UGH) so far away

    i play softball and the colors for this are my team colors! my teams name is high risk and we are coming in 2nd out of like 20 teams! we are very good! hehe! im very sporty, i used to swim competetively i got 3 ribbons! YAY! i swim only for fun now. :) my favorite food is........ hmmm chicken fried steak. then mac 'N' cheese, :) :) :) l0lz...... im also a church goin gal, church of christ is where i go! ;)
    and idk what this page is supposed 2 b used for but i made it into a profile page! l0lz i think thats all i have so far! and if the page is supposed 2 b used for somethin else PWEEZ tell me! i dont want 2 b embarrased!
    P.S. if u cant c the pic! heres the address so u can c it!

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