All Five Are Laying Strong

  1. rhodasgrandchild
    All five of our Seattle south end chickens are laying daily, loving, polite and sociable. Making lots of mud and curious about everything. One of the youngest ameraucauna hens is the most adventurous. Flying and escaping whenever possible in mid morning stroll time, not to bright about getting home without help, very vocal/hysterical and digging in the neighbor's garden. Have solved the escape option by netting over an 8 foot tall fence gap in our system, although she might be climbing a cedar tree to escape, hmm, she's always sorry when she does. Hasn't found her way out since the netting. Salmon Favorelle is our favorite affectionate, attentative and focussed hen, she doesn't miss a trick. Thinking about adding Salmon Favorelle chicks this year with a cockeral. Anyone know where we can get them locally?

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