Well we put Dora and Moe into the bigger pen tonight with the original four. I was nervous. We hung apples and a head of lettuce from the ceiling of the pen to distract everyone. My original girls were very interested until we put Dora into the pen and then everyone flew all over the place and went to hide. Dora pecked the rabbit hutch as a warning that she was the dominant chicken in the house and my four girls got on top of the hutch and huddled together. My husband asked if I wanted to put Moe in too and I said might as well. Moe was my big worry, she was with them before when we first got her and Dora and she leaped onto their backs like she wanted to kill them. To my surprise Moe went in walked around calmly and then got up on top of the hutch with my four girls and slide into the middle of the huddle and they accepted her. I guess they have been living side by side long enough that they are more used to each other than I gave them credit for. I will post pictures as soon as we get some new ones.
I'm excited because now we can expand the chicken run by connecting the four sides of the smaller run that Dora and Moe were in onto the larger run that Hyacinth, Daisy, Rose and violet were in. I can't wait to redecorate!