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Allenacress Page

By allenacres · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. allenacres
    Allen Acres
    My husband Kevin, and I (Amy), have a small farm in Western WA, which we named Allen Acres. Our farm website is http://aaequestrian.tripod.com. We raise chickens for the eggs, Highland Cattle for the beef and train horses and people. Here are some photos of our farm life, I hope you enjoy them as much as we love living on our little farm. We thank God for the many blessings we have here on Allen Acres.

    Inkitchen.jpg This was our first time hatching and we were successful with 3 out of 10 eggs. Miss Featherlegs is a black cochin and a great boody hen. All these chicks are Ameraucanas.


    Second time hatching, again 3 out of 10. All these chicks are 3/4 Ameraucanas, 1/4 Barred Rock.
    Third time hatching, 6 out of 10. (I'm learning) All these chicks are 3/4 Ameraucanas, 1/4 Barred Rock, except one is 1/2 Cochin, 1/4 barred rock and 1/4 Ameraucana.
    yougofirst.jpg You go first, No you go first, no you go first...

    My mom is a decorative painter and this was one of my Christmas presents. This is a watercolor, she also does work in acrylic and oils. Im currently building her a website so she can sell more of her art, but for now she maintains her blog. http://janefolkarts.blogspot.com


    This was our very first calf, born in April 1007. We named her Sweetpea, she is a registered Scottish Highland.


    Sweetpea and FB (freezerboy)

    Our horses -L to R, Bob -QH, Illiad-Belgian,TJ-OTTB, Alex-Morgan

    Somebody feels good.

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