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By alliandme · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. alliandme
    I am a junior owner between the ages or 14-16. I still live with my parents (Though I have started dreaming about my house and what type of pen and chickens I'll have.)
    Convincing my dad isn't easy! I have nearly got him convinced to help me build a coop for Silkies. I want to show them and breed them. I have researched like crazy, and consuled a few breeders (Doing a PM to another breeder now XD) and know how to care for them.
    These are the requirements for me:
    Raised 1-2ft off the ground (Predotors such as snakes rats mice dingoes etc and to keep them dry)
    Easy cleaning and egg acsess
    tall enough and strong enough for me to climb into and sit in (I'm nothing fat XD)
    Insulated to keep the girls cool in the summer and warm in the winter
    Closed in on the weather side (Very wet weather most of the year and sunny and hot in summer so I can keep silkies) and and a roofed run.
    Well ventilated

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