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Alternate Lid

By pasta514 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. pasta514
    This is the original design, but decided not to go with it.
    When I was cutting out the pieces I realized the darn lid would be pretty heavy and I didn't want anyone getting hurt if it came down unexpectedly. So I planned to add the gas shock lift to the design:

    Here's a diagram of how I intended to build it (excuse the dimensions):
    1. The upper attach point would be 7.5inches out from the hinge
    2. The lower attach point would be 12 inches below the hinge and 4 inches to the left.
    3. The cylinder I'd use is a 20 inch with 60 pounds of force.
    from http://www.kencon.us/php/product.list.php?category_id=6

    But I sent my plans to my genius mechanical engineer brother and he redesigned the whole lid for me.

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