[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Fat Matt's Ameraucanas and Easter Eggers[/FONT]
We have been selling our hatching eggs on the internet, locally and of course hatching some for us too!
Everyone has been very happy with the fertility and quality of the chicks.
Now we are going to offer them to BYCer's too! Here are the newest pictures
of the chickens and eggs. We get between 10 and 13 eggs a day, greens, green/blue and blue.
Our Girls are all wheaten, dark wheaten, blue wheaten and 1 white with black specks.
This is Queenie and as the name says.....she is the head Matriarch!
These are some of the hatchlings from our eggs!

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand] These are eggs that were layed today, one green and one blue this morning!!

I couldn't get a picture of the big rooster, he is red with muffs and beard. The little roo is in the pic with the juniors, he is white and black specked with beard and muffs.​