blue and brown Created by bubblesegg
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they are the most sweetest breed and will melt your heart.




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this is bubbles. she is a sweetheart. she doesn't have a tail because the other chicks picked on her. but i love her!!!!!​

My name is Claude Lambert and I'm trying to acquire blue (not Green) laying egg araucana 10 hens & 1 rooster
and the same for Ameraucana

My coordinate are:
Civic # 20292, P.O.Box 53
county rd # 25 West of highway # 34
Green Valley, Ontario, Canada
K0C 1L0

phone # 1-(613)-525-2292

I live at about 1 hour distance from Massina USA

I have a hard time to find someone with what I need

Wish you can help me!!!!!.....