Ameraucana Blue And Brown

By bubblesegg · Jan 10, 2012 · Updated Oct 26, 2012 · ·
  1. bubblesegg

    blue and brown Created by bubblesegg
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    they are the most sweetest breed and will melt your heart.





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    this is bubbles. she is a sweetheart. she doesn't have a tail because the other chicks picked on her. but i love her!!!!!​

    My name is Claude Lambert and I'm trying to acquire blue (not Green) laying egg araucana 10 hens & 1 rooster
    and the same for Ameraucana

    My coordinate are:
    Civic # 20292, P.O.Box 53
    county rd # 25 West of highway # 34
    Green Valley, Ontario, Canada
    K0C 1L0

    phone # 1-(613)-525-2292

    I live at about 1 hour distance from Massina USA

    I have a hard time to find someone with what I need

    Wish you can help me!!!!!.....

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  1. mike.kerr
    If the South American Indians had chickens - where did they come from - European settlers when? Wonder why N. American Indians never had chickens? Would have fit in to some tribe's lifestyles it seems.
  2. La Casa de Pollo
    Ditto on the EE.
  3. pips&peeps
    This is an easter egger.

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