Ameraucana Chicks Coop

  1. AmeraucanaChick
    I just picked up a new Ameraucana chick yesterday. It's an 8 week old pullet that I've named Penelope. Oh yeah, she's also special needs. She is blind in her right eye. I brought her home from my local small animal swap Saturday morning. I neglected to clip her left wing (as I do with all my chickens). At some point yesterday evening, she must have managed to fly the coop. Sunday morning I go look for my new little bird and am very discouraged. She is finally found hiding in the hydrangea bushes that line the driveway. I bring her inside. Her crop is empty. I give her food and water. She gets her crop full and comes to me. I pick her up and she proceeds to sleep on me for the next while. She is absolutely wonderful. Her first night at her new home was very eventful. Lets hope for both of our sakes that the next few are much more boring.

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