Here are some pictures of my Ameraucana's, the eggs came from Ray_n_debi. They're such nice birds and they seem to like me which is always a plus.
There is 1 wheaten pullet and roo, 2 blue wheaten roos, 1 black roo, 1 black pullet and 1 blue pullet. I am looking to trade roos, just to get some fresh blood. The wheaten are from Gary Ramey Lines and i'm not sure of the BBS, i'll ask Ray_n_debi.

This is my wheaten pullet and I think the black is a pullet too. the wheaten is such a sweet bird, her name is Paloma, my sister named her, i guess it means Dove...

Here is the wheaten roo with the gray pullet, ignore the ugly ducklings in the back

a BW roo


wheaten roo in the far back, ignore the CL mutt in the middle.

Here are some pics of the black roo, I'm looking to trade him for another BBS roo, just to get some new blood in. Not sure of the blood lines on the BBS.