American Game
Red and White Spangled Morgan Whitehackle Created by Doodle_Doo
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

Standard American Gamefowl Line Morgan WhiteHackle Pearl White Leg Straight Comb. Amazing animals to own very string and proud of themselves.Always come spangleds never a solid color just a difference variation in males..some produce more red in their neck hackle feathers some more females some are a light cream brown color and some are a dark chocolate color..chicks are born either white or like i say chipmunk coloring.Hens are very protective of their nests and chicks.They will trade turns of who watches over the babies sometimes i see hens with 14 at a time sometimes 2 or 3 or none..always have the main Brood male watching over.Yound males are kept in line by Broodcock when ever they start something he scares them off with a simple wing flpping of if its more serious then a peck to the head.Females are calm easy to handle birds like to dust bathe alot can easily be picked up and handeled when not in mom mode..




Description / Information


2 yea​

One of the BroodCocks​


2 day​

Male and female chicks showing their different colors at birth​


1 mon​

Pair of adolasent Morgans showing the plumage between males and females male left female right​



eggs from Morgan Hens​