Arent chickens great! They give us eggs, eat bugs in our yards, and are wonderful little pets. I love to walk up to the gate everyday and they are all lined up to be freed to run the farm as they please. They find something and tell everybody to come on over and see what I have! My Ghuinies are a hoot. They sometimes split up and yell at each other and the chickens of what they see or heard down at the other end of the farm. The ghuinies will line up side by side in the lawn sucking up bugs off the blades of grass like an assembly line.
Gotta love'm all!

We'll I am almost ready to move the flock into the new "Chic Coupe". We are running water down to the end of the field and i need a Mesh tarp for shade. This is a temporary move but I still want to decorate. It's a girl thing I guess? My husband is in landscaping so I have lots of plants to pick from that will give shade too. I hate moving but it will give me time to fix holes,roof and repaint the old chicken house! It's a cool 25 x25 old house built in 1943. Lo'ts of windows, a loft with doors on each end, and a wonderful concrete floor. I have my husbands grandma to thank for such a great house! She would sell eggs to help with money for the family. With just paint on the building would make everything look amazing.
I somehow lost 2 guineas. Very sad. What ever got them must have been a tag team? Guineas are really good about getting out of dodge when they need to.