Amferro103s Homemade Chicken Brooder

This brooder was exactly what I was looking to build for the new chicks I'm expecting. Thanks to my awesome dad's help, I was able to build this - and expand it. I wanted a brooder with a separate area for a mature hen I have to spend time near the chicks as they grow to help with assimilation later. So I expanded it with a 3' area on one end where I can keep that hen. The photos are the almost-finished product. I used 1/2" hardware cloth on all of the top areas and as a divider on the inside with 12" linoleum squares on the floor to help protect the floor from messy chicks spilling water - pine shavings added as well. I will be adding some handles for ease of lifting/moving. I really appreciate the original poster sharing the plans!
This looks fantastic. I think I’m going to make a small version of this. Definitely better than my old horse water trough. Thanks for the idea and the explanation on how to do this.
Very neat and easy idea for a self made brooder!
I made this brooder several years ago and since then it's raised many many fuzz butts ranging from chicks to goslings and everything in between.
For someone that is going to be repeatedly brooding chicks, this brooder would be long lasting. Might be helpful to have legs on it so the person taking care of the chicks wouldn't have to get down on the floor.
Well built with good detail and instructions. Looks good.
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