The Coop
A couple of days ago, after only minutes of persuading my dad, I started to build a chicken coop. First I had to decide on where it was going to go, how big it would be, and what it should look like. I then decided on a 6'x4'x4' box with a slanted roof. My original design was going to incorporate the nesting box into the inside of the main frame. After the first day I realized there would not be enough room for the nesting boxes on the inside, so I designed a nesting box, based on seeing photos from this site, that would stick out on one of the sides. Once I finish the frame I am going to add some tongue and groove siding to match the log house. I have worked on the coop for only 2 days so as I get closer to finishing I will add more.
Note: I am building most of the coop closer to the house then moving it to its final location.


Day 1: It took me about 4 hours to build the frame. Day 2: I used 2 of my dads extra 4'x8' plywood campain signs for walls.


End of Day 2: I built the bottom of the frame for the nesting box. Day 3: started finishing the nesting box.


End of Day 3: Finished nesting box, walls, and most of roof. Day 4: Added outhouse, and added some siding to front.

Day 5: added fence and started adding shingles to roof. Day 6: finished fence, added door, and finished roof.

Day 7: we added the chickens. They are 8 week old pullets. 3 Barred Rock, 3 Black Australorp, 3 Red Stars