I'm Amulet, the Buff Orpington, loved and cared for by Singingchickenmomma! She locks us up at night, brings our food and water in so they won't freeze overnight in the winter!
I had quite the shock the other day!!! So while the humans were gone, some really weird eggs fell from the sky! I remember it PERFECTLY from last year! It's apparantly called 'snow'! and it covers the grass, so you have to dig under the 'snow' to find the grass! It was the first snow of the season!!! Of course, it didn't stick to the ground, but I have the feeling that it will stick to the ground soon! I'm very excited! I really want to dig the snow up in Pepper's face! EGGCITING!!!
Day 2
We have an updated coop and waterer!
So the biggest two legged, (Biggy) came and took down the big door on the side of our coop and replaced it! Also we have a new heated waterer, so that our water won't freeze and then Food Lady has to come and unfreeze it, then accidentaly spills water all over her pretty dark blue pants... also, Food Lady is spending waaaay too much time on BYC and making me and Pepper famous... sigh... back on topic. And Biggy also got us a brooder light so when it gets cold at night, the lamp will get turned on by Food Lady and we won't be cold when she locks us up! GO HUMANS!
Day 3
Food Lady came and fed us, the left again! Now I'm wondering where the eggs she is! Pepper's been complaining because the temperature rose. Nothing else really happened today.
Day 15
It snowed again today!!!! It snowed so hard, The Food Lady came to check on us! Our friend Senka, the black lab/german shepherd dog came out and played in it, making her black coat sparkled with white flakes. It began to get even colder. (dont tell Food Lady I stole her phone and am blogging directly from it!) And then it snowed so hard, the sky turned GREY!!! I wonder whats for tomorrow? I guess I'd better go sneak Food Lady her 'item' (phone, shhh) back. Bye for now!
However many days later...
Quite the shock! Our heat lamp caught fire, but luckily The Food Lady was there to stop it. Winter has melted away into spring, and spring has evaporated into summer- in which now, The Food Lady is out of school. The humans have bought a 'boat' and there is a large metal thing with wheels on it, supposedly to hold the 'boat'. It makes a great roost! Pepper and I were on it the other day! So later on that night, Food Lady comes out with Senka to lock us up. As the coop door closes and we are thrown into darkness, I hear a BANG and the privacy lights come on instantly. Senka rushes to the area and starts barking like a maniac, (( she never barks )) and Food Lady is watching with a curious look on her face, and is calling Senka, who normally obeys, into the house, but Senka continues parading around the fence. Then I hear the slam of the back door, and into the giant coop the humans go. In the morning, our door opens, and whatever was there before is gone now. So Pepper and I find our hole in the garden and take nice, long dirt baths, in which Food Lady laughs at. I guess we just look funny, flopping around in the dirt. Bye for now!
I have COMPLETELY lost track of the days.
Sorry for the super late blog post, it's getting difficult to sneak Food Lady's phone away from her. But Biggy, Food Lady, and Glassy Eyed One have torn our gates down and now we are free-range chickies! We've also made a shelter in Food Lady's blackberry bushes, and it's where we hide our eggs from stupid raccoons. Food Lady and Biggy have also been planting tomatoes, and Pepper and I keep eating them. Don't tell, though. Also, Food Lady is super obsessed with archery. It's this big... thing. I'm not sure how to describe it. The mechanism that the stick flies from is in the shape of a letter 'D', but a super skinny 'D'. And there are circles that turn on the top, these little glowy pins surrounded by a black circle, and three strings, but only one moves, and that's when Food Lady pulls it back, and when she pulls it, the circles start turning! And then there's this stick that's in the 'D' thingy, and when she presses a little button, it FLIES from the D to the square she's aiming at! She's really good at it, too!!! Anyway, Pepper is being SUPER broody again! I normally lay my eggs in the coop, but Pepper was hogging the nesting box! So then I had to walk AAAAAALLLLL the way from the coop to the blackberry bushes, JUST TO LAY MY EGG. I mean, SERIOUSLY. Pepper, GET A LIFE. There are bugs and crickets and worms and dirt and mud and puddles to stand in, and you wanna sit in the hot coop and sit on eggs? Or do you wanna explore like meeeee?
Also, Biggy and Food Lady go on trips with the 'boat', and they bring back these HUGE long lowercase 'l' shaped things. I mean, they're HUGE! And their guts taste yummy. :D
I also think that Pepper forever wants to be a DUCK. When she's not being broody, she keeps standing in puddles. Nonstop. It's getting annoying.
Oh! Gotta go! Food Lady will kill me if she found out I took her phone! Bye!
The day after I lost track of the days. Basically the day after yesterday.
Food Lady just shut our coop door. She's been singing this song to herself, it goes something like:
Shatter every window 'til it’s all blown away,
Every brick, every board, every slamming door blown away
'til there’s nothing left standing,
Nothing left of yesterday
Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away,
Blown away

Or something along those lines. But she is REALLY good! :D
Anyway, so. Onto today's adventures.
I had returned to our lair in the blackberry bushes, to find our eggs gone! This made me quite sad, but Food Lady came home and made rainbows for us with the hose! It was really pretty, even her friend 'Sebastian' liked it! :D Food Lady picked me up and we were singing to each other, but I could never make words - it just came out 'baaaawk', but she didn't seem to mind! We sang that 'shatter every window' song that you see above, and she'd break off, and I'd try to finish, but it'd just come out as a bock again. But we had fun! :D I really like Sebastian, too - he's nice and gentle with Pepper and I. :D
Pepper actually got out of the nesting box today, but eventually went to her old habits of standing in puddles. So, that meant I had the entire mulch garden to myself! I dug it all up on the concrete and everything~! But apparently Food Lady didn't like that. Sorry, Food Lady. :(
But I had a good day! Write more tomorrow, bye!!! -Amulet
One dust-filled day later...
It was soooooo hot today!!! But Biggy, Skyemiles, Sebastian and Senka (the dog) weren't bothered by it at all! Pepper and I just chilled in the space under the wood rack where it's nice and cool. Then Skyemiles and her friend Sebastian came out and fed us a bunch of nightcrawlers! Have you seen the things, they're HUGE! :D But when Pepper came out she shook her feathers out and dust went ALL OVER ME! It even got in my eyes!!!! :(
So I dug up a bunch of dirt in Pepper's face. >:3 Revenge. Sebastian and Skyemiles found it really funny. Then they got up and went inside. So I dug up more dirt in Pepper's face. >:D
Well, Skyemiles is leaving to go somewhere, I'd better go say bye! So, bye for now!