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By apbgv · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. apbgv
    Welcome to my page on BYC, just a little about me and my Critters.
    Make sure to visit my other pages for more information about
    My Dogs
    Sammy the clinic cat
    Pioneer Animal Hospital
    I started my backyard flock about in 2004, it consisted of 1 red cochin bantam and 2 silver spangled hamburgs(RIP). My flock now consists of the 1 red cochin(Red) 1 Barred Rock(Bertha), 3 Silkies(Lily, Whynnona and Eileen) 2 mille fleur D'uccles(Thelma and Louise) 1 Frizzle cochin(Polly) and 1 D'Anver(to be named yet). Will get pics posted when photobucket is done with maint.
    My main breed of dogs are Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens I show them in conformation and soon agility. I also have a cattle dog(Bindy Sue) a Border Collie(Wrigley) and a ACD/Dachshund mix( Simon-RIP Pooper).
    I also have several cats( I won't name em all
    I also enjoy gardening and NASCAR(Go Dale Jr and Tony).
    It is never a dull moment around here.
    Alot has happened since I started this page, I have lost Thelma and Louise, added a silkie(Ethel), I have 3 oegb mixes.
    We now have chickens at work-Salmon Faverolles, Buff Chanteclers, Black Jersey Giants, some very funny colored Chanteclers from Ideal. I have also gotten a few seramas.

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