An Impression of Life - A Story of my Coop

By The Mother Hen · Jul 22, 2013 · Updated Jul 22, 2013 · ·
  1. The Mother Hen
    I've always loved owning pets, and in 2011 I convinced my father that we needed baby chicks from our local IFA store. My parents purchased a few hens, and as they grew up I grew to love them. It was fun seeing how they drank and pecked the ground, and how they stayed together as a group. As they grew older, however, we've had problems. Since I was a new owner of hens, I've had many trials and tribulations to go through when it comes to keeping chickens nice an happy. I've had everything from picking problems to predators, and the ultimate price was loosing a few of my chickens. I'll admit I was very sad and angry at myself, and I had a feeling I could have prevented some of my girls from dying. We eventually bought more hens, but sadly some of them died as well due to an infection and skunks killing them. I decided it was time to hatch eggs for fun and sell them, just for the fun of it. My mother contacted a friend of hers, a lady who owned the plot of land we had our community garden in. My mother and I purchased a dozen eggs from her and borrowed an incubator. I then set it to the proper temperature and proceeded to turn the dozen eggs for twenty to twenty-one days. At first it was fun, I was able to candle them and see how the eggs grew. However when it got close, I wanted the turning to stop. The chicks hatch great when the time came, and nine chicks hatched perfectly in 2012. There seemed to be no problems with the chickens, and so we sold them to our friends. I later found out that most of them were roosters, and I was glad they didn't belong to me. Now it is 2013, and a new bright future for our flock. Yes I have lost a few hens in each generation we've had, but I know that I did my best to keep them healthy and clean. I've learned so much about chickens, and watching them grow has left an impression of life on my mind. I hope that I can take care of my flock as best I can and keep them healthier than before. I've bred more mutt chickens, but this time they will be hatched naturally with a mother hen.

    I've had Road Island Reds, Araucanas, Amerucanas, Easter Eggers, Bard Plymouth Rocks, Black Sex-link, Wyandotte, Buff Orpingtons, Brahmas, and many more!

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  1. Whittni
    & when you're older you'll have memories that many people will never experience. Chickens are great.

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